Keeping the kids occupied with Open Shed….

Are the kids already sick of their chrissy presents? Looking for some ideas to keep them entertained for the rest of the school holidays?

Renting through Open Shed can be a really great way to add some variety to the school holiday activities without spending a fortune buying things new!

Vice versa its the perfect time to help another family out and list the stuff that has fallen out of current favour with your child.

We just took a quick browse through Open Shed and here are a few child friendly renting ideas for the holidays:

  • What about a short camping trip or even recreate the adventure of camping in your own backyard with Cheryl’s tent?
  • The perfect kind of school holiday lunch - hot dogs - easy and fun!
  • Take the kids bikes away with you on your family holiday with a bike carrier and even rent another Mountain Bike if you need one.
  • Give kayaking a go! We have listings in Melbourne and Sydney.
  • For those rainy days -how about a good old fashion [board game][game marathon]? Or a spot of [Foosball][foosebal]l?
  • Been thinking about buying the kids a Wii Fit or iPad? Why don’t you let them try before you buy, and see if it will be a fad or not.
  • Are they showing a musical bent? Same deal- encourage them to try the guitar, drums, ukelee or xylophone before you outlay the cash!

Whatever you get up to, we hope you and the family have a fabulous summer holidays!!