Guest post - Go for a Jayride…

This year 1 Million Women want to assist you to SAVE $1000 or more through cutting pollution, reducing waste and saving energy. Each month focuses on a different lifestyle area – FOOD, DRIVE, POWER, WEAR, SHOP & INVEST. We think its an awesome practical campaign and we want to help too! So we have asked some of our friends to also give their tips each month. This month’s focus is DRIVE and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to introduce you to Jayride.


Lets face it. Driving doesn’t often live up to our expectations.

In our dreams, driving is on the open road, driving fast, surrounded by friends, flying past beautiful scenery with the wind streaming through our hair.

In reality, most of our time driving is in gridlock traffic, stop-go, completely alone, surrounded only by noise and air pollution in a stressful hurry to get to the office.

Growing up you probably dreamed of owning a car. Driving was to be your liberation. Freedom at last!

What you’ve got instead is a commute in traffic for up to two hours every day, that is draining, stressful, dull and expensive.

Lets be honest for a moment. Excluding the occasional awesome road trip, mostly we hate driving. It wastes our time. It wastes our money. Yet most of us own cars and believe that the only way we can get anywhere is by getting behind the wheel.

I’m here today to tell you one thing. It’s something that you might not have thought possible, but it is possible, and easy.

You can be a passenger.

That place you need to get to urgently? You don’t need to drive there, you can be a passenger. That commute you do to work? Yep, you can be a passenger. That holiday you’re taking? Yep: Passenger.

Think about traffic. Did you know that there are exactly as many vehicles on the road as there are drivers? If we want less traffic so we can drive faster, we just need more passengers.

Think about petrol. How expensive is petrol these days!? More vehicles driven means more cash spent on petrol. If we want to save cash we just need more passengers.

Think about the dream above. Fun driving was driving with friends, not alone. If we want more fun driving we just need more passengers.

You can be a passenger, and I’d recommend it. can show you how to do it.

Get from A to B with Jayride, Australia’s marketplace for carpools, rideshares and much more!

Next time you drive, visit Jayride and list your ride for free. Jayride will find you passengers to fill your empty seats and contribute towards the cost of your trip. If you fill three empty seats you can save up to 75%, plus meet new people and have more fun on the road.

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